What we aim for

Sharing knowledge, best practices, technologies and real life applications


Exchanging information out of interest or pure curiosity on environmental topics


Connecting people on various subjects and by various means

Building relationships

Every professional has a role to play we try to be inclusive for academia, industry, consultants, contractors, vendors, technologists, ..

What we stand for

Information Mix

Unlike conference or fairs we do mix academia, vendors, consultants, contractors and industry .


Innovation and real-life applications have a place next to each other. Above all we tend aim for quality of information


We think that cost is a major influence in application of any enviromental application. Therefore we want to benchmark presented solutions

About Bluegreenfairs

Bluegreenfairs is an on-line conference provider for the broader environmental industry (waste, water, contaminated land, …)

Over 25 years environmental projects on 4 continents

Sharing knowledge has become second nature



Both as a contractor and a consultant, Steve has worked in various branches of waste, water, dredging and contaminated land industry.


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